#ehcutela Magnet Brooch Series

$19.00 SGD

Design: Choose an option

Bubble Tea - Matcha
Bubble Tea - Strawberry
Bubble Tea - Bandung
Bubble Tea - Taro
Coffee - Mocha
Coffee - Latte
Coffee - Cappuccino
Coffee - Affogato
Cupcakes - Mango
Cupcakes - Strawberry
Cupcakes - Vanilla
Cupcakes - Pandan
Donuts - White Chocolate
Donuts - Caramel
Donuts - Chocolate
Donuts - Strawberry
Ice Cream - Vanilla
Ice Cream - Strawberry
Ice Cream - Banana
Ice Cream - Chocolate
Lollipops - Grape
Lollipops - Caramel
Lollipops - Raspberry
Lollipops - Pink Guava

[Buy another #ehcutela or #girlpower Magnet Brooch to get S$1.50 off each item. Price will be updated at the checkout page.]


Elevate your fashion game with the #ehcutela Magnet Brooch Series! These magnet brooches are the perfect addition to your clothes accessories collection.

  • Cute and Unique: With their adorable bubble tea, coffee, cupcake, donut, ice cream and lollipop designs in a 3cm metal frame.
  • Firm and Strong: These magnet brooches will stay securely in place on your shawls, scarves or apparel.

Add some personality to any outfit with these fashion accessories. Mix-and-match them for an even more unique look. The #ehcutela Magnet Brooch Series is a must-have for anyone who loves fun and quirky details!


  • Magnet type: Zinc alloy
  • Material: Metal frame
  • Design: 6 unique themes with 4 designs each
  • Brooch size: ~3.0cm each

Key Features:

  • Strong magnetic strength
  • Firm hold on your scarves / shawls / apparels
  • Keep your scarves / shawls / apparels neat, prim and proper
  • No more holes and pin pricks
  • Can be used for shoulders