Mini Basics Magnet Brooch (Set of 4)

$25.00 SGD

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Mini Basics - Metallic Squares
Mini Basics - Metallic Stars
Mini Basics - Metallic Butterflies
Mini Basics - Metallic Hearts
Mini Basics - Metallic Circles
Mini Basics - Metallic Flowers
Mini Basics - Metallic Mawar
Mini Basics - Metallic Shine
Mini Basics - Metallic Pearls
Mini Basics - Pastel Squares
Mini Basics - Pastel Stars
Mini Basics - Pastel Butterflies
Mini Basics - Pastel Hearts
Mini Basics - Bold Squares
Mini Basics - Bold Stars
Mini Basics - Bold Butterflies
Mini Basics - Bold Hearts


  • Magnet type: Zinc alloy
  • Material: Metal frame
  • Design and Colours:
    • 9 Metallic designs and 4 colours [Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver]

    • 4 Matte Pastel designs and colours [Pastel Purple, Pastel Grey, Pastel Cream, Pastel Brown]

    • 4 Matte Bold designs and colours [Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green]

  • Brooch size: ~1.5cm each


  • Strong magnetic strength
  • Firm hold on your scarves / shawls / apparels
  • Keep your scarves / shawls / apparels neat, prim and proper
  • No more holes and pin pricks
  • Can be used for side of face / shoulders
  • Double up as buttons / cufflinks for wide sleeve tops